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What are MOTOSKINZ made of?

MOTOSKINZ are made of a patented high quality, automotive grade cast vinyl material that offers many unique characteristics and benefits.

■Low initial tack allowing it to be "snapped" off is a mistake is made during application

■Patented airflow channels allow the air to be pressed from beneath the material during the application process reducing the chances of having bubbles.

■With our high quality protective coating (Gloss or Matte) it can last as long as 5-7 years outdoors even longer dependant on conditions

■Our unique adhesives begins to "set" 24-72 hours after application, yet can be clean removed at any time without the nasty sticky adhesive left behind.

We use only the best cast materials for wrapping vehicles –it conforms to compound curves, less prone to shrinking like the less expensive substandard garbage out there. Our formulated material offers a perfect balance between print quality, durability, initial adhesion and easy clean removability.

How do MOTOSKINZ hold up?
MOTOSKINZ goes beyond the typical level of protection by laminating your design with a thin protective layer in either gloss or matte finish. This combination holds up really well against just about anything you can throw at it. Of course if you crash, hit, scuff or anything that may impact the vehicle, can cause damage to the MOTOSKINZ, but then you should really be more concerned about how much damage is to the vehicle itself.

We’ve tested our material by taking gas, brake cleaner, wheel cleaner, carb cleaner and most other common chemicals found in a garage and they held up very well. Of course be careful of brake fluid - while we didn't see any serious marks after wiping it off, but that stuff can eat up everything else on your vehicle pretty quick if don’t clean it off.

MOTOSKINZ serves as a type of protect ant against chips, dings, scuffs and sun fade. A lot of times, your vehicle will receive normal wear and tear damage because paint is brittle and hard. The flexibility of our MOTOSKINZ vinyl does a good job of deflecting most stones and doesn't look all beat up. If you are a road racer or stunt rider it will actually hold the cracked and damaged bodywork together!

What vehicle can I use MOTOSKINZ on?
Yes! If you can drive you can put a MOTOSKINZ on it – it protects factory painted OEM finish while offering you customization that typically costs thousands of dollars in airbrushing or custom paintwork. Our low cost allows you to change things up regularly, and removability with no residue left behind, means that you don't take a hit we you resell it or reduce your buyer interest if it is custom painted.

It's also great to cover up scuffs, scratches minor damage and sun fade. Factory plastic or replacement body parts are expensive - why pay that? When you can save money and simply use a MOTOSKINZ to cover it up for less than a quarter of the price and get a more unique look at the same time.

What if I want to use a different design that you don’t offer? Can I have a custom design made?
Yes! We can either create you a custom design based on your ideas, or we can use the design you submit (submitted designs will need to follow our submission parameters). It’s simple, just call our office and one of our designers will work with you to create your one of a kind custom design.

Once we review your artwork, we will provide an estimate and if it's a service you're interested in we can move forward and begin production. Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce metallic or chrome finishes with a MOTOSKINZ.

We can also customize our stock designs - mostly color changes, but some more complex alterations can be made to certain designs. Our premium line will not be modified due to limitations by our licensed artists contracts.

Just contact us and one of our designers will work with you to make your ideas come to life and help create that one of a kind custom MOTOSKINZ for you.

Will it hurt the plastic or paint I apply it to?
Factory Installed Paint or Factory Paint Professionally Installed, no. Our material is designed to stick to just about any surface, yet remove cleanly at any time. Rattle-can finishes,... we can't say; that stuff doesn't bond that great to begin with.

We’ve heard from customers that had instances where it's pulled up poorly applied primer... like with anything, surface preparation prior to installation is key. If the primer or paint peels up when hit with masking tape, stickers or decals, chances are high that it will pull up when wrapped. Because of that, we highly suggest following the recommendations on primed parts.

What about the print quality?
Realize this is the same material used by NASCAR to wrap their race cars for years. We pride ourselves on our print quality, if it doesn’t look good, we wouldn’t be in business. This is NOT the same junk sold by inferior sign shops or vehicle graphics companies. This is the best stuff produced, and it’s made right here in the USA, not some China knock off that won’t hold up. Our print quality is top notch, we use the best printing equipment available, providing excellent print quality and extremely high resolution. Consider that a vehicle wrap only needs to look good for 30' away – We want MOTOSKINZ to look good from less than a foot away, FYI: our print quality is typically 2-3 times the resolutions used on standard wraps.

Next time you see a wrapped vehicle or bus, you’ll notice large dots or slight pixilation up close – that'd look terrible on your bike, sled, moped or car and we sure as hell don’t want the MOTOSKINZ brand associated with that.

Why don’t you make custom die cut kits?
Because manufacturers change styles so often it would be very difficult to keep up and keep prices down. We also want to keep MOTOSKINZ versatile - the universal panel option allows you to decide what you want wrapped and how you want it positioned and oriented on your toy.

How difficult are they to install?
On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the easiest and 10 requiring an engineering degree, we rate it a 4-5, possibly a 6. Most people can get the hang of the installation process and fully capable in 20-30 minutes. Be patient and the end result is AWESOME!!!

It is highly recommended to have someone help, having a second set of hands is valuable in certain installations. Having someone available to hold the parts or help install, applying pressure while keeping tension on your MOTOSKINZ really helps. Make sure you read our installation guide for tips on wrapping parts.
Installation Guide>>>

Is surface/part preparation needed and important?
The most important part of the installation process is surface preparation. The parts should cleaned of any dirt, dust, bugs, mold-release compound, or adhesive residue from decals or stickers. For the best results, you can follow the cleaning up with a rubbing alcohol water mixture or pre-paint cleaner like Prep Sol (found at most auto parts stores) on a lint-free rag. Be sure to clean the inside of the parts around the edges - that way when you wrap over the edge of the piece, it has a good surface to adhere to and is less likely to peel up.

The smoother the surface, the better the MOTOSKINZ will look when finished. If you poor surface conditions due to wear and tear, road rash, damage or rough texture, you'll be able to see that under the wrap, but a lot of our customers use MOTOSKINZ for that exact reason, to cover up damage. You can also use 400-grit sand paper to smooth out the surface prior to installation will go a long way towards having a smooth final MOTOSKINZ.
Installation Guide>>>

Do I need any special tools?
We provide two very important tools you will need to install your MOTOSKINZ!

One retractable razor blade that provides the perfect blade angle for the job and the second is one felt-lined plastic squeegee often used for installing digital graphics. The squeegee provides even pressure and the felt helps minimize scratches.


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